Easy to Use

NKD Cloud SCADA is built on the Ignition SCADA platform. This SQL database powered system is web-based and can be installed in minutes and launched instantly on any internet connected device, such as PC computers, Mac computers, iPad, iPhone, Android, and other devices. The intuitive graphics screens are easy to navigate to get you to the information and controls you need to keep your system performing. NKD Technologies will provide operator training to help you maximize the value of your system from day one!


NKD Cloud SCADA application uses Secure SSL technology, just like banks use! Data is communicated via a secure internet connection or via cellular modem over NKD’s Private Network (VPN). NKD Cloud SCADA utilizes clientauthentication with group based security policies for precise access control – system access can be adjusted for different types of users.


Your NKD Cloud SCADA is hosted at a high security colocation data facility and is only accessible by key card and biometric access. This facility has duplicate processors hosting the NKD Cloud SCADA system, with redundant data storage. The facility also has multiple internet service providers, multiple emergency power generators with battery backup, and other system critical spare parts on stand-by if needed. The facility is monitored by video surveillance inside and out, and are professionally staffed 24/7. The data center has the latest in lightning protection technology and is seismically isolated, and employs an FM200 fire-suppression system.

Always Up-to-Date

Most SCADA software has minor updates 2-3 times per year, with major updates about every 2 years and require an expensive maintenance fee. With NKD Cloud SCADA, all software updates are included with your subscription and are automatically rolled out.

24/7/365 Support

While NKD Cloud SCADA is easy to use, secure, and reliable, sometimes additional support is needed. Around the clock email and phone support are included in your subscription.


NKD Cloud SCADA can be set up and operated at a fraction of the cost of a traditional SCADA system. Traditional SCADA systems require you to purchase work stations, software licenses along with their additional software modules, pay an annual software maintenance fee, in addition to the management and operational costs to keep the system running. NKD Cloud SCADA has a low monthly fee for each remote site, which can be paid up to a year in advance. This regular cost makes budgeting easy.


NKD Cloud SCADA allows unlimited security authorized users. Planning for future growth? The system can be easily expanded to accommodate an unlimited number of tags, devices, and clients.


Your NKD Cloud SCADA subscription is custom configured to meet your needs. The control screens will reflect your system and keep relavent information at your fingertips. Additionally, your system will come with alarming that can notify you by phone, text, email, of any issue before they become a problem. Data from your system can be easily exported in PDF or spreadsheet format and create useful and timely reports.


Do you only need your system to run part of the year? No problem. NKD Cloud SCADA service can be suspended for up to 6 months for a small administration fee. Your account will remain active and you will have the latest software and other dates when you are ready to turn your service back on.