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“Cloud-based SCADA offers alternatives to traditional systems”

Many water and wastewater SCADA applications rely on remote monitoring of critical equipment and processes through web browsers, smart phones, and other mobile devices. Using a self-hosted solution with access provided by a single ISP can prove problematic if the service provider experiences an outage. Cloud computing provides multiple redundant Internet connections, providing greater reliability and doing so in a cost-efficient manner. –

Robert G. Cloward, P.E., MBA

“NKD Cloud SCADA is an ideal solution for smaller users who don’t have the resources and mon-power to devote to a traditional SCADA system.”

“Is Moving Your SCADA System to the Cloud Right for Your Company?”

“Information that is stored on a cloud server is accessible anywhere in the world. This makes the cloud an especially attractive option for managers who constantly need real-time and historical information on the go.”

“Web SCADA offers new benefits, smarter operations”

“Cloud-based SCADA systems now allow a level of automation that not only presents real-time data that is available and reportable but also allow operational conditions to be changed directly from the software, provided there is a connection to the cloud. Operators can be notified in real time of current issues and often do not require site attendance to perform shutdowns or to restart operations.”